MHAM’s Monthly Missive

August 2019 Edition

MHAM News from the Executive Director

 Hello MHAM Members,

For those of you who do not know – I serve on the newly-formed Labor and Housing Committee, and am the minority lead on that committee, which means that I pretty much communicate what is going on at the committee level to the rest of our caucus.  With that being said, I would just like to reiterate what a good job several MHAM members did at the legislature in helping with a reasonable outcome for LD 875.  I would also like to mention that we have been fairly tied up in the labor and Housing Committee working on a lot of bills that would be bad for Maine businesses in general – They are: Paid Sick Leave bill, Maine Family Medical Leave bill, and about 25 bills pertaining to Workers Comp. All and all there is a lot of work to do!


I have been visiting some members as I get a chance and am happy to report that everyone seems optimistic for the year ahead. Lastly, the MHB is still working on the on-frame modular situation. Please let us know if you have any questions, Thanks!


Dick Bradstreet, Executive Director