MHAM’s Monthly Missive

April 2019 Edition

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MAMP Breakfast Meeting
Where: Portland Country Club
When: April 10, 2019 – 8:30am-10am
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 2019 ME & NH Mortgage Compliance Confernce
Where: Portsmouth Harbor Events Center, Portsmouth, NH
When: April 24, 2019 – 8:30am
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MHAM News from the Executive Director

Hello MHAM Members,

I serve on the newly-formed Labor and Housing Committee, and am the minority lead on that committee, which means that I pretty much communicate what is going on at the committee level to the rest of our caucus. We’re just getting going, but will have well over a hundred bills to consider over the next few months. So far, we’re hearing bills that are labor-related. Most have to do with requiring employers to provide more benefits to employees, such as paid family leave, broadened ability to get unemployment benefits, etc. It looks like most bills will ask more of employers while others will be attempts to ease up on the minimum wage increases, make it more affordable to hire employees who are still minors – things of that sort. I’d like to stress that our members should be in regular communications with their Senators and Representatives regarding these issues. In talking to people who have been around the State House for 20 years or more, this legislature will entertain more bills that are bad for businesses than they have ever seen, so people will really need to get involved. Those of us with business backgrounds and understand how legislation can adversely affect businesses are in a distinct minority and we by ourselves will be able to do very little to keep many of these bad bills from becoming law – it will be up to constituents of the legislators who do not appreciate what bad laws can do to hurt small family businesses.

Later on, there may be some housing bills that will come up. I’ve been working on generating interest on the part of other committee members on what our industry has to offer, and the response has been fairly positive. I’d like to organize a tour of some dealerships and communities, but it’s very difficult to find a time slot when that can work. There may also be some affordable housing initiatives coming before us, so it will be extremely important for industry members to be involved if they want to be considered as part of the solution to affordable housing.

On another front, the Manufactured Housing Board is meeting on a regular basis, and the big item right now is discussing on-frame modular homes. There is a task force working on it comprised of the staff and several industry members. It may be a few months before there is any report. The rest of their items concerns making sure all licensees are up to date with their requirements so there are no extra costs incurred due to being late on re-licensing or not responding quickly to complaints – that sort of thing. That’s it for now, so thanks!

Dick Bradstreet, Executive Director