March, 2017

The State of Maine Manufactured Housing Board (MHB) is in the process of updating its State Certification of Modular Homes. Bob Leclair and his staff at MHB, along with a cross section of industry representatives, are reviewing possible changes in the Modular code pertaining to construction and energy standards in order to keep current with the latest developments.  Right now, much of our Modular code refers to the 2009 version of the International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings.  The group updating the code is now studying the 2015 IRC and determining what, if any, changes it may want to make.  The goal of the group is to come up with an updated Modular building and energy code while keeping in mind the need for providing quality, affordable housing for Mainers.

The group has held several meeting thus far and several more are planned for the future.  The entire process will take several months, and before any changes can formally be implemented, a public hearing on the changes will be held where industry people as well as the public will be free to ask questions and make comments and suggestions.  Notices will be published prior to this meeting.